Garmin GPS
  • Garmin Map Update Failed

Error Solution

Sometimes, Garmin express fails to connect to the internet, resulting in the failure of the GPS device update. Prior to this, we need to take a look at the causes. Following can be the possible causes behind this issue.

  • Error while installing the update
  • Error while installing content error messages
  • Update stuck due to internet issues
  • Progress bar going down rising the chances of failure

Cross-check everything and get an instant solution. Continue reading… for advanced troubleshooting.

  • Garmin Connectivity Error

Error Solution

The system’s minimum requirement can deprive it of connecting to the Garmin express. An efficient solution is needed instantly. The connectivity issues in Garmin can lead to device failure resulting. Some of its troubleshooting is like

  • Check Garmin connect status
  • Make sure your internet connection in your phone is active
  • Garmin Connect app needs to be updated with the latest version.
  • Garmin Connect app software needs to be updated.

If the issue still persists then you can contact the tech experts who are round the clock available at your disposal or click here to fix the server issues.

  • Garmin Syncing Issue

Error Solution

Solve the Garmin synchronization Issues with the most advanced techniques suggested by GPS experts. There are a few troubleshooting steps that can be applied to quick fix syncing issues. Following are them

  • Close and reopen the Garmin connect app.
  • Turn off your Garmin device and turn it on.
  • Turn your smartphone off and power it on.
  • Lastly, remove and device & connect it back to begin syncing.

If you see the Garmin device connected, then it means it is fixed. For more details, click here and read this blog.

  • Garmin GPS Setup Error

Error Solution

Garmin GPS setup procedure may require expert’s help when we install it. Technicalities in it may prevent its setup. There can be certain reasons for Garmin GPS setup failure. Although, the given troubleshooting may help you prevent setup issues.

  • Turn off your smartphone and turn it back on.
  • Enable Bluetooth for smooth connectivity
  • Update Garmin connect to the latest version
  • Remove your device and retry pairing process

If you need detailed information, continue reading

  • Garmin Web Updater Error

Error Solution

Garmin WebUpdater your device to the internet for a quick accessibility of download software updates for GPS devices.

Given points can be used to eradicate the issue within minutes.

  • Use a Private home internet network
  • Disable any active third-party firewalls
  • Verify the date, time & time zone
  • Use wired connections
  • In windows, keep internet explored as a default web browser

If none of these methods work then try expert’s assistance.

  • Garmin Battery Issues

Error Solution

Battery draining is the most common Issues a customer face with a Garmin device. Plenty Garmin settings allow you to increase the battery limit.

To fix battery issues, make use of the following points.

  • Make use of the Garmin RMA process to replace your battery.
  • Update your software because expired software may result in battery failure
  • Lastly, contact product support if none methods work

  • Garmin Server Error

Error Solution

A bad data connection can lead to the Garmin server Issues. App permissions, WiFi, bad mobile networks can also be the reason.

A few basic troubleshooting points can help in this case.

  • Check Garmin connect status
  • Make sure the data in your phone is active
  • Make sure you are not running outdated Garmin connect app
  • Install updates if available.

When nothing works, connect with an online professional.

  • Garmin Software Update Failed

Error Solution

Obstacles can come in your way when installing Garmin express to a window computer. An error message of Install Failed will appear.

For update issues, you can try the following solutions.

  • Restart your computer and re-attempt this process
  • Check if your system meets the criteria or not
  • Run Garmin express as an administrator
  • Disable third-party or antivirus applications
  • Uninstall previous Garmin express version

TomTom GPS
  • TomTom Map Update Error

Error Solution

Try the right measures to update TomTom GPS maps and avoid the Issuess that occur during the process. These issues are resolved by simply downloading the update and leaving the navigation device connected. You can make use of the following given points to fix your issue.

  • Do not use the outdated version of MyDrive.
  • Navigation device needs to be connected with MyDrive Connect.
  • Allow MyDrive to access the internet.
  • Download & install the updates again.

Gain advanced information for a hassle-free TomTom update.

  • TomTom Software Issues

Error Solution

To avoid this, make use of the troubleshooting points.

  • Always use the latest version of MyDrive Connect.
  • Restore your navigation device.
  • Read the user manual to set it up in a rightful manner.
  • Download & install the updates again.
  • Avoid using any third-party antivirus during MyDrive connect.

For advanced details, contact the customer service team

  • TomTom Connectivity Error

Error Solution

Try out these handy solutions to fix TomTom connectivity error.

  • Try different USB port
  • Make sure the software and driver of the computer are updated.
  • Cross-check the connectivity option on the mobile phone.

To know more about it, you can contact the experts.

  • TomTom Battery Not Working

Error Solution

In this situation, the battery is likely to be replaced. Although, you can cross-check a few things before doing so.

  • The charging unit of the battery is not damaged.
  • Make sure the charger is functioning properly.

No further points could be added to resolve the charging trouble. For better replacement procedures, click here & talk to the customer executives now.

  • TomTom Syncing Failed

Error Solution

It may be failing due to a number of reasons which can be resulting to this issue. Apply a few troubleshooting steps to get rid of this.

  • Try a complete reset of the connection.
  • Turn the device off and then on again and reattempt the process.
  • Connect the phone through app not via phone.
  • Forget the watch from the phone Bluetooth menu.

For further details, you can connect with the support executives.

  • Tomtom Reset Issues

Error Solution

There can’t be many reasons behind reset failure. Still, you can check the below-given points.

  • Check if the reset button is properly working or not.
  • Disconnect your TomTom GPS and reattempt this process.
  • Locate the reset button rightfully.
  • Contact the support team for more detailed information.

  • TomTom Freezing Issuess

Error Solution

Technical issues require technical solutions. Try out these methods and let us know if you have got rid of it or not.

  • Reset Tomtom device.
  • Hold the power button for 20 seconds and try dumb reset.
  • Update new map on camper unit.
  • Turn off any screen or power saver if using.
  • Set updates to automatic downloads.

Continue reading for more information..

  • TomTom Common Issuess

For common issues, we recommend basic troubleshooting methods such as device update, delete cache folders and there are many more. Maintenance of your device is very important in order to keep it running.

Magellan gps
  • Magellan GPS Update failed

Error Solution

Updates are very much required for a system to work properly. If problems are coming in the Magellan device it means maps are not installed, or they are unable to read. Certain reasons can lead to such issues. Like, the improper map update can be a big reason behind it. Hence, checking each aspect from every angle is much needed to diagnose the real cause.

  • Magellan GPS connectivity Issues

Error Solution

It may be due to the problem in the connection of the device to the internet, push the Reset button on your Magellan GPS, it will start working. It can happen when your device is not synced properly. Make sure the device is not connected to any other GPS.

  • Magellan GPS Sync Error

Error Solution

The Issuess mainly come from insufficient space the GPS cant be installed. Click the Reset button and the problem will be solved. Check if the buttons are properly working or not. Make sure the updates are installed in it.

  • Magellan GPS Setup Issue

Error Solution

A lot of Issuess arise during the setup process, it could be mainly because of proper have to restart the system in order to remove the error. Restart the device in this case and attempt the setup procedure again.

  • Magellan GPS Battery Issues

Error Solution

Battery Issuess are one of the major problems faced by the user, you have to place the cord connection correctly and if needed remove the battery. How old is your battery? If it is much used, then prefer replacing it rather than resolving this issue. We suggest you talk to the executives to find a better solution.

  • Magellan GPS Software Error

Error Solution

Software errors are the internal errors that can disrupt the internal system any time, it has to be properly removed by installing it again or by updating it. These Softwares help your Magellan device run in smooth condition. Also, several features can be added for an enhanced experience.

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We Fix All Types of GPS Devices Issues

Technical Glitches are quite obvious when it comes to GPS devices. We at GPS Map Updates have set a benchmark in delivering unique & delightful map updating experience to our valued customers.

  • Quick & Convenient update Process
  • We are professional technicians
  • Only use genuine software
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Steps for GPS Map Update

We have made updating process easy with our proven methods.

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World-Class Garmin GPS Service from Skilled Technicians

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GPS devices have become the primary necessity of today’s time. In today’s scenario, time is very valuable and hence, reaching on the correct destination at the correct time is equally important. It comes as a savior and helps you reach your correct destination, by navigating you throughout your journey. We are a prominent GPS service provider, offering high-end solutions to several popular GPS devices including Garmin, TomTom, and others.

Also, avail instant support to Garmin GPS update from the best industry experts Garmin is one of the world’s leading navigation technology companies. It provides the best GPS technology and services all over the world. If you too are looking for a perfect device that could help you navigate the accurate way in an unknown place, then consider Garmin GPS as the company delivers world-class innovative GPS technology across diverse markets, including aviation, marine, fitness, tracking and mobile apps.

Special Features of Garmin Device

Take a look at the list of some of its special features.

Features of garmin device
  1. Equipped with proper and adequate safety measures.
  2. It has direct access to particular locations that let users reach the exact location.
  3. Facility of foursquare information.
  4. It comes with cycle maps and a 3-dimensional map of landmarks, structures, and traffic signals.
  5. Features a capacitor screen for you to zoom out and pinch in control.
  6. Its prestige series consists of a three-lane guidance system.
  7. You can also have physical direction with its GPS.
  8. With the help of it’s Nuvi Device, you may even find routes within the structures.
  9. Multi-touch screen features available.

We are Good at Handling these Common GPS Device Issue!

GPS Devices are prone to get impacted by bothersome components, leaving you clueless oftentimes. Followings are some of the most common GPS device issues you may face.

Garmin GPS Map Update issue.

Issues while device update is quite familiar with Garmin. To fix it, Contact us now if you need a permanent solution.

Failure in connecting to the Garmin map.

Failure in connecting to Garmin map may deprive you of navigating your way to your destined location. Instant assistance can be seen to quick fix this issue.

The device set up problems.

Follow the manual guide to learn how to set up a Garmin device. Device start, synchronization, updates, and a few more processes involved in it.

Garmin GPS not working properly

Sometimes, GPS devices may lag you behind incurred to its technicalities. Reasons may vary including battery issues, software error, and others, depending upon various aspects.

Garmin GPS Nuvi stopped working

Garmin GPS Nuvi may disappoint you often when there is a need to update it. In those times, you need to

GPS Blank screen issues.

Few possible causes behind GPS blank screen issues can be with battery, the charging cable, or the screen itself. Contact the team to get an immediate resolution.

Garmin GPS not turning On

A hard reset can fix this issue in minutes only. Press and hold the reset button, and it will come to its default mode.

Failure to detect signal

Due to satellite issues, Garmin device may fail to catch the signal from the satellite, resulting in hindrance in navigation.

TomTom GPS update problems

The TomTom GPS update problem may be due to its satellite navigation malfunctioning. Or it can be due to poor internet connection or any troubleshooting issue.

TomTom GPS server not responding

If your GPS is not responding well, then there is a need to install the latest software. If the software which already installed in your device is not working correctly, then it should be reset.

TomTom MyDrive connect not updating

For this, you have to connect your navigation device to MyDrive. And the user has to use the latest version of MyDrive connect. The use of Ethernet cable can be done to connect the computer and modem directly.

TomTom GPS oops something went wrong

This can be due to an inferior connection with the internet; maybe the server is down for the particular website which you are searching.

Magallen GPS Not getting satellite signal.

Change the location of your device; if you are not getting the proper GPS satellite signal. It happens mainly when the user is opting for its first time.

Magallen GPS Blank screen issues.

These issues can be easily solved bt locating the reset hole on the Magellan GPS. This depends upon the model where it is located either right or left.

GPS Device Unable to read the map.

The caches and cookies need to remove immediately. These cookies will corrupt the files of maps, and the plans will behave abnormally.

Magallen GPS update problem.

It can be solved with the help of using latest versions. You have to perform some easy setups to update the device.

Quick & Affordable Garmin Device Services

Keeping 100% accuracy in work, our motive is to bring a cheerful smile on our customer’s faces.


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