Fixed: Bluetooth Connectivity issue of Garmin Connect App with Windows 10 phone.

One of the essential features in Garmin Connect App includes Bluetooth feature. It easily connects to different appliances and makes comfortable sharing of files and folders. Well, in this article we will discuss about the Bluetooth connection of Connect app for Windows 10 mobile.

Being the digital connection there may be some disturbance in the radio waves that breaks the Bluetooth connectivity. Recently, users have complaint about Bluetooth issue in Garmin app for Windows 10 phone. Let’s know about the glitch and how to recover it. 

Indication for Bluetooth Connection Failure in Garmin Connect App on Windows 10 cell phone.

If you are doubtful with your Bluetooth function in Connect app then cross-check with these symptoms and get it confirmed:

  • Data Sync failure from device to Connect app.
  • Unable to display an instant smart notification on screen.
  • Widgets lack to work

Status Signal:

Green IndicatorThis indicator shows that it was successfully connected and ready to sync.

Red Signal If this indicator comes then there is connectivity issue. It can be due to-

garmin status signal
  • Bluetooth not active on your mobile phone
  • Garmin connected may face technical issue.

Let’s find best ways to tackle and dissolve the issue. Here are troubleshooting steps you need to follow-

  1. Swipe down from top to know Bluetooth is enabled or not.
  2. Check the connection status with Garmin Connect app.
  3. Go to menu, select the Garmin icon in upper right-hand corner of the screen.
  4. Decide which following condition they are coming across and know the fixes.
  • Garmin device “Not Connected”

    1. Reboot the device for up to 1 min
    2. Open the device and again navigate to status check in ‘Settings’
    3. Wait for a while and you will be shown ‘Connected’

Note- For vivo fit try to connect via sync button.  

  • Reconnection failed with Garmin gadget and phone just after 1-2 minutes restart.

    1. Click Option (three dots) at bottom right-hand corner.
    2. Select ‘Remove device’
    3. Choose Yes to unpair the device.
    4. Now, add device to back into Garmin connect app.
    5. Once paired it is signed, it can be connected.
  • Garmin displays “No Devices Paired”

    1. Click on Add device
    2. Choose device model
    3. Now, follow the pairing process
    4. Once paired it will easily connect.
  • The Display of Garmin Connect App displays “Bluetooth is turned off”

    1. Tap on Turn it on
    2. Choose Turn Bluetooth on
    3. Wait for 1 minute to show “Connected”

Apply these steps for any of these four conditions and solve the issue manually. But, if incase you fail to perform the steps then strive for Garmin Support.

Helpdesk: Garmin Customer Service

Though but sometimes, while rectifying the issue manually you may make some mistake or be in pressure you neglect the proper steps. It’s far better to take assistance from the senior technician via Garmin Support Number and convey your Bluetooth connection of Garmin Connect App with Windows 10 phone model. You will be reverted in fraction of seconds.

On an occasion, there can be some other reasons apart from the above-mentioned conditions. So, it can only be judged by experts. Indeed, make a step forward a drop your queries on email or contact technical team through live chat. Our services are available seven days a week from day to night (24/7). Feel free to contact anytime and get your query resolved with long term solution.