Alert: Mini Y2K error in Old Garmin GPS Device.

Do you hold GPS devices or any such equipment that has GPS function? If yes, then it’s not too late. There is a need to keep a check on those products to ensure that they are guarded against GPS Week Number Roll Over issue (mini Y2K Bug for GPS receivers) that is going to be… Read More »

Know How Can You Update Garmin Map Without Computer.

About Garmin & Garmin GPS device Garmin is a leading American company that provides GPS services to make our life simpler. Once you download the map of your city, you can use that current map anytime to travel at any corner of the city. It avoids the discomfort and time loss when traveling from place… Read More »

For Garmin Help: Contact Garmin Support Number

Garmin GPS, just like other digital ground faces some technical issues like unresponsive touchscreen, failure to turn on, sudden shutdown failure to detect signal and GPS locking up. Some other issues include sound failure, lost satellite reception, and uploading and downloading. A poor display, worn out logic board, depleted battery and press and hold power… Read More »

What to do when Garmin GPS Update Error Occurs?

GPS nowadays have become an essential part of one’s running life. People are becoming time-bounded, and so they are dependent on GPS navigation to reach their destination on time. Many times, your driver won’t be familiar with the route; here GPS becomes his tutor to guide the path. But, to get real assistance user must… Read More »

How to Update Garmin GPS without computer?

Garmin, the best GPS utility device installed in your vehicle for navigation. This makes it easier to travel without searching for the address. The user just needs to speak where to go and its navigation starts. Make it certain that Garmin device should be mentioned with all the landmarks, streets, and highways for convenience.  … Read More »