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GPS, you can find it as your mentor, guiding you to unknown routes without any fail. Be it any location from petroleum, hotels, amusement parks, industrial areas to highways, railway stations, and hospitals, it can ease your travel and help you reach your destination within estimated time.

The map shows the direction to the user from one point to another as the locations are there on the map already. The main concern is if new highway, buildings are constructed and the map still has the old address, you will be landed to the wrong location. It may concern the user that why did you buy this navigation device if it’s not for long-term? Then, do not hesitate as the company provides free Garmin map update to first purchase of gadget, to update their map with the latest information. Read this article to know the entire procedure.

Easy steps to download free map update

Carry out the given process to download free map update:

Step 1

With the help of USB cables try to connect the GPS device to your computer

Step 2

Now open your web browser and search for Garmin’s Find Map Update page

Step 3

Choose automotive option and click ‘Download Map Updater

Step 4

Now hit double-click on downloaded file to install Garmin map updater

Step 5

Once the process is complete, click on ‘Search for device

Step 6

Tap ‘Continue’ when you are notified with ‘a free map is available’. Leave the device idle until it’s successfully done.

Benefits of Garmin Map Update

The practice of Garmin Map update process can be helpful to a large extent. From saving your time and energy to saving your expense, it can be beneficial in all the aspects. Go through the points and know its benefits:

Efficiency: With the shortest new route reach out to your destination without any wear and tear of your vehicle.

Convenience: Provides the latest information about all the nearby fuel stations, hospitals, hotels, restaurants in one go.

Peace of Mind: Driving is considered to be stressful mind and if you get lost or confused between the roads, it can actually lose your peace of mind. But, if you have latest map, you will be easily directed to your drop point.

Useful tips for Free Garmin Maps

Have an eye on the useful tips for your information:

  • The update of Free Garmin maps is durable within 90 days when it connects with satellite for the first time.
  • Amongst all Garmin units, some of the models like LMT, LM or LT come up with free lifetime update
  • Purchasing map update is easy, do it via official Garmin update site or the application.
  • For lifetime map update subscription, person has to pay additional fee on Garmin site

List of Garmin devices that provides free Garmin Map update

These are the list of devices that allows Garmin map update for free-:

  • Garmin Nuvi 1450
  • Garmin inreach mini
  • Nuvi 250w
  • Garmin Nuvi 30
  • Garmin Nuvi 200/250/260/270
  • Nuvi 2350
  • Garmin edge 820
  • Garmin Nuvi 1350

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