Use these Simple Methods to add a Photos & Stats to Garmin Connect

Making a note of your daily fitness data is as important as your workout is. It helps you check your performance and set you’re onwards fitness goal. In case, you have bought a Garmin watch or its fitness tracker, then you must get your hands on a useful application called Garmin connect. Offered by Garmin, Garmin connect is a useful application which lets you unlock a range of tools to sharpen your training and achieve your fitness goals.

You cannot consider it as an ordinary application as it helps you get most out of your Garmin products. It is compatible with all Garmin sports devices which help you keep a check on your daily activities. In this article, we have come up with proper methods to resolve a  common query which is often enquired by Garmin users. The query is about saving photos & stats in Garmin connect. Many of us get confused about Garmin Connect App. But reading this guide can help you know the procedure to save its photos and stats. 

With its competitive range of features for tracking daily workout, it works as a perfect companion tool. Have a look at some of its most useful features and activities one can perform through it. Moreover, get detailed information on Garmin GPS Device from the service team of Garmin.

  • View daily health data in vivid details.
  • Use it to analyze your activities and several other related statistics.
  • You can earn badges for accomplishments.
  • Easily synced with apps like MyFitnessPal and Strava.
  • Review your runs.
  • Tweak your heart zones.
  • Work on your competitive edge.
  • You can also get coached by a pro (recently added feature)

Follow the procedure to Save Garmin Connect Photos & Stats

There are only a few steps involved in the procedure. We have written down the steps to save Garmin Connect Photos & stats. For any further instructions, get in touch with the service team.

  • Open Garmin Connect in your mobile and open an activity in it.
  • Now, tap the share button.
  • Your activity will get open.
  • Now, you need to choose Photo with Stats from the menu that appears.
  • Then go to your phone’s image gallery and select any photo from there.
  • Now your photo is all set to tag with your stats and you are free to share it on social media platforms.

Note:- You can even send it to your friend.

Get Professional Help from Experts

If you are unable to understand the given information, then you can connect with the experts. They are 24/7 available to help customers all around the world. No matter what issue you are facing, they help you with all the possible manners. Be it Garmin GPS Updates or any other related issue, get quick assistance in the most effective manner.