Use these Troubleshooting Steps to Deal with Common Garmin Issues

Garmin is a leading company that launches various products such as GPS devices, fitness watches, Garmin Speak Plus, and many others. All these products fulfill the upcoming demand for youngsters. The tremendous growth of Garmin Company from 1989 has made it top leading brand across the world. From quality products to customer-centric services, Garmin has excelled in all terms in industrial race.

To make it more feasible, it has developed Garmin Express App which helps users with updating process which can be performed manually. Although having all set dimensions there may somehow arise technical bugs due to heavy configurations such as failure to detect signal, unresponsive touchscreen, failure to turn on, sudden shutdown during use and GPS locking up. These issues need utmost fixes leaving no loopholes. If you are also encountering such errors then you have landed to correct booth. Just go through this article to quickly resolve the problem permanently. Let’s get started:

  • Sudden Shutoff while using Garmin GPS device

There might be multiple reasons that may cause sudden shutdown of the Garmin navigation device. After exploring, we have figured out some of the reasons and they are- hold on power button, depleted battery, long hold power button, poor display and worn out logic board that may in turn harm Garmin GPS 5, Garmin Nuvi 1390 to switch on. Error in setting the satellite data fails to detect satellite signal when power is on.

  • No Response of Touchscreen

Drained battery or frozen screen can cause failure in the functioning of touchscreen. Garmin GPS device can be locked to prevent unauthorized users from accessing your account.



  • Fail to Receive Data

Garmin GPS receiver may fail to receive data from satellite. It can be because you are using the device for the first time or unable to have clear sky view when installed in car. Wrong map loading or using an old map may cause the same issue. Lastly, it can also be because of wrong location mentioned.


  • Garmin Express App not working

Either your computer or GPS device may have problem with Garmin Express. If this is the case you must use MapUpdater for PC or for Mac.


  • Garmin Express Unable to launch

If Garmin express fails to launch then it can be because of corrupted files on the computer. To fix the issue follow these instructions:

  1. Press the Windows key + E
  2. Type %localappdata%
  3. Delete the folder named Garmin Ltd. or_its_subsid
  4. Lastly, try launching Garmin Express again
  • Alarming with Regular dings

If you are not expecting regular dings and still getting it, you must check whether you have loaded with new custom POI file whose file name contains unique number. This POI loader interrupts number as speed alerts.

  • Unable to import routes to device

Routes can be created easily on system through programs such as Base Camp 1 or MapQuest and then transfer to Nuvi models. Do you want to import routes? Then follow these steps:

  • Click on Tools
  • Touch My data or User Data
  • Next, navigate to Import Routes from file
  • Select the routes you would like to import
  • In end, touch import.

List of Common Garmin GPS Errors.

Various errors occur while the users of Garmin try to update their GPS device. Some of them are:

  • Garmin Update Issues
  • Set up problems
  • Common errors
  • Battery problems
  • Update issues
  • Garmin closes down issues
  • Common blunders
  • Blank screen issue with your system
  • Garmin closes down issues
  • Failure in connecting to the GPS map
  • Failure in connecting to the Garmin map


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  • Installation of Garmin Nuvi software
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  • Issues with the Blue chart Mobile
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  • Error with the Bike GPS navigation
  • Problem with the registration of the product
  • Hacked processing of the various applications

Eventually, the issues cannot persist for a longer duration if proper assistance is provided. Therefore, any user-facing Garmin product issues can connect to the expert technicians to get them resolved. You can share your query to professionals and get an instant revert from them. Dial our toll-free number for expert advice. Our services are available 24/7 for Garmin users.

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