Use of Garmin Speak Plus & How to update with Garmin Express?

Smartphone’s with GPS has indirectly made the navigation devices more comfortable; Garmin in same context has diversified its focus and has earned lots of success in fitness watches. Now, enlarging its horizon it has taken successful step by joining hands with Amazon’s Alexa. With combination of three- navigation system, wearable’s and dash cams have come up with Garmin Speak Plus. Rather only used for Alexa home, Speak Plus comes with dashboard making it more handy accessory for a car as your virtual assistant.

Garmin Speak Plus Design & Uses 

Let’s have insight about the feature and ways Garmin Speak Plus Install so you can have fun using it. Here we go-

  • It has mini footprint and if the placement is not correct it will disappear instantly behind rear view mirror.
  • Short cylinder measures 1.47*1.48 inches with OLED screen having 114*64 pixels with Led light on one side and camera on another.
  • The screen only displays arrow and measurement that helps you in driving.
  • The screen display has HD quality letting you keep eye on road.
  • Alexa, your virtual assistant avoids you looking on screen by dictating the direction out loud.
  • Two buttons integrated: one to power on device and second to mute the microphone.
  • It has microSD card slot with 64 GB storage.
  • Speak Plus has small arm that can be attached on small metal piece placed on windshield.
  • Once placed difficult to move. So be sure then place.
  • Speak Plus has extended power cable, having USB on one end making and other moves into cigarette lighter.
  • Provides hand free help just say ‘Alexa ask Garmin to show directions to X or Y’. The navigation starts on screen and sound both.

Every device needs a proper update for best service. The updated information will let you to right direction and correct updated way to use the features. Else there will be many features in device which won’t work or say disabled until you update it. So for the Garmin Speak Plus Update you should go under the following procedure. They are:

The reliable choice to update or say it’s mandatory to update Garmin application through Garmin Express.

Garmin Express is compatible with both Windows and Mac.

Steps to Update Garmin Speak

  1. Go to Garmin official website
  2. Select option: Download for WINDOWS or Download for Mac.
  3. After that, follow the on-screen instruction to finish the installation.
  4. Now, open the Garmin Express Application.
  5. Connect your Garmin Speak Plus device to computer via mini USB cable.
  6. The device will prompt you with a dot symbol, click to enable USB mass storage.
  7. As the Garmin Express detects your device, tap on Add a device option.
  8. Follow the instruction to complete device setup.
  9. Next, after the search for software update completes, select option as per choice
  10. For installing all updates click on Install All
  11. For particular update click on View Details. Select the update of your choice.
  12. Lastly, when you open your device it will display Software Updating while you install the device in your vehicle.

Note: Garmin Express App is mandatory for updating Garmin applications.