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Garmin GPS, just like other digital ground faces some technical issues like unresponsive touchscreen, failure to turn on, sudden shutdown failure to detect signal and GPS locking up. Some other issues include sound failure, lost satellite reception, and uploading and downloading.

A poor display, worn out logic board, depleted battery and press and hold power button can harm Garmin GPS 5 and Gamin Nuvi 1350 to turn on. Lack of software or setting up satellite data error can cause way more Garmin Sat Nav to not detect the satellite signal even when the power is on. And if there is loose or vibrating battery in Garmin 5, it probably turns off or shut down the device regularly. Dial Garmin GPS Customer Service. (Phone support number to get Garmin GPS Technical Support for Garmin tackling Garmin Issues. 

How can you Troubleshoot Common Issues of GPS Navigation Gadget

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People in today’s time want to reach early and at their correct destination. And so Garmin GPS units have been proven the best solution for it. Almost half of the globe have installed in their vehicles. Certainly, if your installed GPS navigation faces some issue, it should be rectified soon via Garmin Professionals via Garmin Customer Care Number. Here are some solutions for most of the problems. Follow to the steps:

  1. The GPS navigation unit is unable to open. For this:

  • Turn vehicle to IGNITION position.
  • Check the connection of the power cable
  • Adjust the power cable in GPS unit
  • Check the fuse of your navigation gadget
  • If it’s blown, replace the blown fuse with the same amps.
  • Inspect if the battery is flat, replace or charge the battery.
  • Remote controller is running battery power, change the battery.
  1. No sound failure/no voice/disturbance in sound signal

  • Check whether speaker wires are properly connected to both GPS
  • Inspect GPS navigation unit is on “Mute” option.
  • If yes, then tap Mute button or Volume button
  • Regulate the volume up
  • Tap and hold remote control panel “OSD”
  1. ‘Calibrations’ is not in a Touchpanel

  • Press “calibration” to bring monitor into functioning again.
  • Menu>Option>System>Calibration
  1. Touch screen isn’t responding

  • Possible reason can be, the system is still performing the earlier work
  • If it takes longer time then you need to immediately take technical assistance from experts through Garmin Customer Support Number.
  1. Display screen is black or too dark

  • Check if your brightness level is set to Low Brightness option (In Settings)
  • Tap “OSD” and readjust the brightness, contrast level, and chroma
  1. No GPS reception.

  • First check, GPS antenna is plugged in.
  • If not, plug in the GPS antenna.
  • GPS Reception may not work in the current location.
  • Please contact your Garmin Customer service
  1. GPS unable to find the location for my drop location.

  • Cross-check and confirm the address
  • Re-enter the address
  • If still, your GPS doesn’t function, then your map is not updated.
  1. Bluetooth is not working.

  • Check if your Bluetooth is disconnected.
  • Pair your device with this system.
  • Unable to find the serial port.

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How to contact Garmin Customer Support Service?

At times, there are some issues that cannot be resolved manually. So, in such a situation, you must be wandering for technical support. But what if you easily get opportunity to connect with the experts? Because of this, we have mentioned Garmin Technical Support Phone Number to seek help from within. The experts will provide you the list of troubleshooting steps, accuracy tips for your GPS device for your gadget better performance.

As soon as you contact the expert team they will instantly revert back with permanent solution.  Whether you have issues in Garmin GPS device or you need information, you can connect with technicians. They will assist you. Our services are open 24*7 for Garmin users. Contact Us.