How to Reset Garmin Vivoactive HR? Garmin Help

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Garmin has released a brand new Garmin Vivosmart Hr watch with amazing design and features. Came with sleek band and auto-brightness that will help users to easily see the stats in any light be it sunlight or moonlight also. With the display of step counts, heart rates, it has added with receiving calls, text, emails, and social media alert. Further, Good news for the music lovers, as they will be able to control music from the wrist directly.

What is Hard Reset?

Hard Reset or factory reset is a restoring process that makes your device new just like when it was left from the factory. All the applications, files, and folders are removed. It can be done depending on the device you are using. The main reason behind restoring the data is either to fix the malfunctioning of the device or removing the entire data to sell. So, in the same manner, Garmin products may also require hard reset at some point.

Why do you need to hard reset?

Well, factory reset or hard reset is required to fix the issues that soft reset failed to resolve. In addition, we would just need to perform master/hard reset when you want to sell the Garmin Garmin Vivoactive Hr watch as it’s not wise to leave data on the device. General data are:

  • VO2max and LTHR
  • All the maps you have saved on the device.
  • Distance, elevation totals, or any achievements.
  • All downloaded widgets, apps, watch faces from the Garmin IQ store.
  • Saved Bluetooth or ANT+ sensors such as HR, power meters or foot-pods and the associated calibration
  • Each customization, layouts, data saved on screen and the sports profiles

How to Reset Garmin Vivoactive?

If your Garmin watch is having trouble from the past many days and normal reset is not working, it is an alarm to switch for factory reset. Giving it a hard reset can put it on its default value. To help you with it, we have given the steps which you can follow.

Applying this would make your Garmin watch brand new just as it came from a factory. The following are some series of Garmin watches and how to reboot/factory reset guide.

  • Garmin Fenix 3 factory reset or reboot
  • Garmin Fenix 3 HR factory reset or reboot
  •  factory reset or reboot Garmin Fenix 5
  • Garmin Fenix 5x factory reset or reboot
  • Garmin Fenix 5s factory reset or reboot
  •  factory reset or reboot Garmin Forerunner 645, 735, 935

Steps for Garmin Vivosmart hr factory reset/hard reset.

To have step by step information for Garmin Vivosmart Factory Resetwe have three options you can follow-

Option 1:

  1. Follow the steps: Go to Settings. Then navigate to System and jump to restore the default.
  2. Garmin watch is ready to pair with Garmin Connect again.

Option 2:

  1. Press and hold the power key until the menu appears.
  2. Select power off.
  3. Hold back buttons for few seconds.
  4. Press the Light/power key
  5. A question bar will appear “Clean user Data: Yes/No?”
  6. Select “Yes” to factory reset
  7. Garmin Watch is successfully hard to reset and ready to pair with the Garmin watch again.

Option 3:

  1. Press and hold the power button until the menu appears
  2. Select power off
  3. Release the power button and see the watch goes under the boot sequence.
  4. Press and hold both Start and back buttons till the Garmin logo appears.
  5. Release both one by one:
  6. Beep Sound 1- Release Start Button
  7. Beep Sound 2- Release Back Button

How to troubleshoot Garmin Vivoactive Hr Reset Error?

If you follow the hard reset steps and get unusual errors such as touchscreen unresponsive, hanging of device between the process and many others then try to connect with the expert technicians. This error may become a setback and you will have no further option. However, in this case, the single solution is to contact the service team which will explain and guide you on how to resolve hard reset error. You are free to contact them anytime as the service is available 24*7 across the globe.

Summary- This is a full informative article on the Garmin Vivosmart Hr Reset procedure and resolving guide which you can put in practice if ever needed.