Alert: Mini Y2K error in Old Garmin GPS Device.

Do you hold GPS devices or any such equipment that has GPS function? If yes, then it’s not too late. There is a need to keep a check on those products to ensure that they are guarded against GPS Week Number Roll Over issue (mini Y2K Bug for GPS receivers) that is going to be effective from 6th April 2019.

The bug is not fatal for all GPS devices but those hit by it can get a serious blow to their functionality. This bug may result in file getting corrupted or may alter the time settings. Only the previous Garmin GPS gadgets are more likely to get attacked by a Y2K bug. If you are handling commercial device, then it’s quite simple to fix the error.

TomTom has told customers “if you frequently update your device there’s no need to worry” as it’s already rolled out a fix. (You can also check if your device is affected using its serial number here.) Garmin says it’s been testing its devices for problems but that “the vast majority of Garmin GPS devices will handle the [event] without issues.” And an official memorandum from the Department of Homeland Security says any GPS receivers running the latest IS-GPS-200 standard and connected to UTC “should not be adversely affected.”

garmin bug errors

If you aren’t confirmed about the error try to connect Garmin Support.

Coming to rollover issue and its cause. The chief reason is week GPS systems via a ten-bit parameter. It means they start from week zero and turn to reset as soon as they hit 1204. Gps epoch started on January 6th, 1980 next on August 21st, 1999 and now it’s 6th April 2019.

Although it doesn’t mean that next GPS week scheduled for upcoming 6th April 2019 then it may hit later as well. Well, some of the companies declared that few devices may have restarted week count later like say when manufacturer compiled their firmware.

Yet, as soon as you come across the Y2K error, contact experts via Garmin Support Phone Number get it fixed at the initial stage. Things cured at primary level are beneficial.