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Best Lowrance Fish Finder

Lowrance is a well-known and trusted brand in the fishing world, and its fish finders are some of the best on the market. They have many different options to choose from, so there’s sure to be one that fits your needs – whether you’re looking for something basic or more advanced.

At the same time, there are many different types of Lowrance fish finders on the market, and it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. They come in different sizes, with different features, and at different price points.

Let’s dive in and pick the perfect unit for your boat and cast the bait 🙂

Best Lowrance Fish Finders 2022 – Review

1. Lowrance HDS Live

Lowrance HDS Live Series Units

Ranging from $1,000 to $6,000, the HDS Live is Lowrance’s most high-end, professional-level fish finder. It’s one of the best options currently on the market, and it’s the best option available from Lowrance.

You can get this unit in 7-inch, 9-inch, 12-inch, and 16-inch screen options. There are a few key features that set the HDS Live apart:

Multiple Transducers

Unlike other Lowrance fish finders, the HDS Live has two connector points for transducers. This allows anglers to utilize multiple transducers, enabling them to view fish at various depths simultaneously. HDS live is compatible with all the transducers offered by Lowrance. You can also simultaneously hook Active Imaging 3 in 1 transducer along with Active Target that provides live sonar view under the boat.

Processing Power

The HDS Live has the fastest processor of the Lowrance fish finders. This allows you to split the larger screens into six smaller screens without losing functionality. It helps the unit process the sonar images and maps without lagging – an essential feature when trying to catch as many fish as possible. 

Smartphone Connectivity

Users can connect their smartphones to the device and stream video onto the screen via HDMI input ports. Video streaming transforms your fish finder into a source of entertainment during long days on the water, allowing you to watch anything from home videos to live sporting events to FaceTime calls with friends and family back on land. If your fishing endeavors take you away from land for a long time, this is a must-have feature. 

Screen Resolution

The HDS Live features an HD IPS touchscreen. This is the highest-resolution screen available on a Lowrance fishfinder. The HD screen provides better viewing angles and an all-around better viewing experience of the DownScan and SideScan images. The fish and structures are vivid with better target separation details. You are able to quickly identify fish-holding structures and the fish around it.

Overall, the HDS Live is a professional-level fish finder that’s often used by the pros in the fishing tournaments. It offers complete networking solution for the boat with touchscreen control of trolling motor, power pole anchor, and even the boat sound system. If you aim to participate in the Bassmaster or own a fishing boat with advanced technologies then HDS Live is the perfect Lowrance fish finder for your needs.

Note: HDS Live units varies in features and specifications a bit. You can read more details on the variations and details about different models here on our Lowrance HDS Live page.

2. Lowrance Elite FS

elite fs series units

Ranging from $900 to $1,350, the Elite FS is a mid-level chart plotter and fishfinder combo. Elite FS is very similar in styling with HDS Live and it replaces the outgoing Elite TI2 Series.

Elite FS has been updated with a new touch screen interface and comes with a glass cover on top. This makes the device much more responsive and easier to use than Elite TI2. The glass cover on the screen also protects the device from scratches and damage.

This unit comes in 7-inch and 9-inch versions, each with touchscreens and buttons. You can purchase the Elite FS with or without a transducer depending on your needs.

Elite FS is compatible with Active Imaging 3 in 1 transducer and also with Lowrance Active Target live sonar system. This is a big advantage as you can use the live sonar in a mid-range and mid-size fish finder.

Active Target can help to quickly identify the school of baitfish and the predatory fish chasing them in the middle of a lake, without being close to a structure. As a result, a live sonar may assist you to catch Bass and other large predatory fish more often than the traditional sonar technology.

The Lowrance Elite FS has the same powerful 1KW sonar module as the HDS Live, providing clear and detailed imaging of what is beneath your boat. Combined with an Active Imaging transducer, you can easily locate fish-holding structures like rock piles, standing timber, weed beds, ditches, and drop-offs. The high level of clarity and detail provided by the Active Imaging transducer makes it easy to find more fish and identify different species, such as Bass, Catfish, and Crappie.

There are many different connectivity options with the Elite FS:

  • NMEA 2000 for engine integration or AIS to monitor the fuel and speed of the boat from your screen
  • Ethernet for connecting two units or to connect to a HALO radar
  • Wi-Fi for wireless connections to a tablet or smartphone.
  • Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone and display notifications on-screen

There is one downside however that we should mention. Elite FS lacks a bit on the screen resolution side which is 800 x 480 pixels which is by no means an HD. If you’re looking for a unit with higher resolution screens, you may want to consider the HDS Live.

Overall, Elite FS is an affordable mid-range fish finder with networking capabilities. It’s ideal for small fishing boats that don’t have many boat electronics to network and wants to go with a 7 or 9 inch fish finder. Find out different buying options of Lowrance Elite FS here.

3. Lowrance Hook Reveal – Best for kayaks

hook reveal series units

Ranging from $300 to $900, the Hook Reveal is an entry-level chart plotter and fishfinder combo and comes in three different screen sizes – 5 inches, 7 inches, and 9 inches.

This unit is equipped with a GPS plotter and also includes C-MAP basemaps. You can also upgrade to more advanced C-MAP Countour+ and Navionics charts at an additional cost. The Hook Reveal X series does not include mapping option and is cheaper than the regular Hook Reveal models.

Lowrance has designed Hook Reveal with kayaks and small boat owners in mind and that’s why these units don’t have networking capabilities or WiFi option. Its more basic features (such as having buttons rather than a touchscreen and a lack of connectivity options) help lower the price.

Hook Reveal has some of the features that you can find in high end Lowrance models as below:

  • Fish Reveal – FishReveal makes fish appear more clearly as an arch by brightening and displaying them with greater clarity. It helps distinguish Bass from Baitfish and even identify when they are close to a structure or submerged grass. This is ideal for beginners who don’t have experience of reading fish finder.
  • Autotuning Sonar – Autotuning sonar automatically adjusting settings as the water depth change. This is ideal for Kayak owners who have limited space to move around. So, instead of adjusting the fish finder settings, they can focus on finding and catching the fish.
  • SolarMax display – SolarMAX display offers excellent clarity and daylight visibility, even under bright sunshine.
  • Genesis Live – Genesis Live a real time mapping tool. You can create your own custom 1/2-foot contour maps of your local uncharted lake in real-time.

Hook Reveal has a variety of transducer options as mentioned below:

  • HDI Skimmer Transducer – It’s a dual beam CHIRP sonar transducer with 83/200 KHz or 50/200 KHz frequency, ability to scan up to 1000ft deep.
  • SplitShot Transducer – CHIRP sonar (200 KHz) and DownScan imaging (455/800 KHz). DownScan can scan upto 300ft deep at 455KHz frequency.
  • TripleShot Transducer – CHIRP sonar (200 KHz), DownScan, and SideScan imaging (455/800 KHz). Scan upto 300ft on each side of the boat

SideScan and DownScan imaging is not as crisp as Elite FS but its good enough to identify fish and structures at the bottom.

Here is our comprehensive list of buying options for Lowrance Hook Reveal. They come in variety of different options and could be overwhelming for the beginners.


4. Lowrance Hook2 4x


The Hook2 4x is Lowrance’s basic, entry-level cheap fish finder that comes under $150.

The non-mapping GPS allows anglers to drop up to 1,000 waypoints to mark fishing locations and other POIs.

The Hook2 4x does not have a touch screen but is controlled by buttons. It operates on a single 200 KHz frequency, and there is no Micro SD card slot to enter charts. There is no split-screen option on this unit.

Though it’s the most basic Lowrance’s fishfinder option, the Hook2 4x has more than double the sonar range of most traditional fish finders.

This unit works well on small boats and kayaks. It is equipped for depths up to 500 feet in both fresh water and saltwater. It is user-friendly and easy to set up and get started right out of the box.

The Hook2-4x comes with a Transom Mount Transducer that allows it to be mounted to the back of your boat. It also comes in a portable option, which includes a travel bag, a battery, and a suction cup that allows you to mount the unit anywhere. Find more details on Lowrance Hook2 4x here.

Lowrance Fish Finders Comparison Chart

lowrance fish finders comparison chart