Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy explains, how GPS Map Updates collects, discloses and uses your personal information. And other data received while you use our services on your computer. When you use our services and provide information to our technicians through our site, chat or email; you provide us consent to use your details consistent with our privacy policy.

Right to Opt Out

At any point in time, if you are not convinced with the technical help of  GPS Map Updates Support. provides, or with other Services we offer, you can opt out of the GPS Map Updates Support services. At any time if you do not agree with the Privacy Policy in general, or with any change that is incorporated in the Privacy Policy after the time you’ve accepted it.

Types of information collected by GPS Map Updates

Personal Information:

We would ask you before collecting the information which allows us to contact you or identify you (“personal information”). In order to utilize the Services, the user first has to register them or give any identifying information. For online registration, we ask for your contact details (like first and last name, postal address, e-mail address, personal identifier etc.) GPS Map Updates uses this collected information to contact you with information related to the services or/and products which you have requested. This can include renewal/re-registration notifications, surveys and special offers on improving the services provided by us.

Payment Information:

If you are registering for the services, GPS Map Updates may collect your CREDIT CARD and other payment information. Like many other companies, GPS Map Updates might use third-party payment gateway transactions in order to verify and process credit cards on your behalf. GPS Map Updates will use the payment information for completing your transactions.