Rand McNally GPS How to Reset Rand McNally GPS

How to Reset Rand McNally GPS

Follow the instructions below to reset your GPS to its factory settings:

  1. Turn off the tablet by pressing and holding the POWER BUTTON for 10 seconds.
  2. PRESS and HOLD the Volume Up button and the POWER BUTTON at the same time. The tablet will enter the Engineering Menu after it has powered on.
  3. Highlight the “Android Recovery Mode” option using the Volume Down Button. Press the POWER OR VOLUME UP BUTTON to select the option.
  4. The Android Robot will appear on the tablet with a Caution Sign and the message “No Command.” At the same time, press the VOLUME DOWN AND THE VOLUME UP BUTTON. The Recovery Menu will appear on the tablet.
  5. Select “wipe data/factory reset” by highlighting it with either VOLUME BUTTONS and PUSHING THE POWER button.
  6. Select “Yes – Delete all user data,” then press the POWER BUTTON to confirm. The Data and Cache partitions will be formatted on the screen, indicating that the device has been reset. The Engineering Menu will return on the tablet.
  7. Press the POWER BUTTON after highlighting “Reboot System Now” with either of the VOLUME buttons.
  8. Allow the tablet to reboot completely, and the tablet will be reset to its factory state.