How to Update TND 550 GPS

Please follow the below suggestions for a successful update before you begin:

  1. Connect the TND 550 GPS to a charger to avoid disruptions during the download and installation process.
  2. The TND 550 GPS should be linked to a strong and reliable Wi-Fi network. This will ensure all the large files are downloaded and installed successfully.

Step by Step Instructions to update TND 550 GPS

  1. When updates are available red dot appears on the System Update icon, as shown in the screenshot below. You can tap on this icon to start the update process. Alternatively, you can go into Rand Navigation, tap on the Settings icon and look for System update under the General tab.
Rand McNally TND GPS homescreen
Rand McNally TND Tablet Quick Settings Updates
  1. Tap the “System Updater” icon.
  1. Tap the “Check for Updates” button. This will check if there are any updates available for your GPS. The updates usually include the latest maps, bug fixes, or new and enhanced features.
  1. The next screen will give you details of the updates available for the TND 550. Select “Install All Updates.”
Rand McNally Installing Updates
  1. The update process will start. You can see the size and number of files being downloaded, as well as the download progress, on the screen.
Rand McNally update installation progress
  1. You’ll see a message on the screen reading, “Your system is up to date” once the update has finished.

Troubleshooting the TND 550 Update

If you are experiencing any issues with the device after the update is complete, you can follow the below steps to resolve the problems.

  1. Connect to a strong and stable Wi-Fi
  2. Select “TRUCK TOOLS”
  3. Select “GPS REPAIR”
  4. Select “SCAN”

This will fix the issue by repairing the missing files from the update. The issues with the device usually appear after the update if the Wi-Fi connection is not stable.

What are the benefits of updating Rand McNally TND 550 GPS?

It is advisable that you keep your TND 550 up to date, as it will provide you with a better experience and many more new features. Some of the benefits of updating your GPS are:

  • Improved search results
  • Updated maps and Points of Interest (POI)
  • Bug fixes to improve the device performance