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Rand McNally TND Tablet 80 Truck GPS

TND tablet 80
  • 8” HD display tablet
  • Advanced Truck Navigation
  • Fast Quad Core Processor
  • Millions of Truck POI
  • Lifetime Map Updates
  • Adjustable dash cam
  • Pre-loaded Truck Apps

Note: This model is discontinued by the Manufacturer

Product Description

Advanced Truck Navigation

TND Tablet 80 features truck-specific routing that takes into account the weight, height, and length of your truck as well as its cargo. This ensures that routes avoid low bridges and weight restrictions, so you can always get from point A to point B without delays.

HazMat routing allows drivers to plan safe routes that avoid hazardous material routes.

The TND Tablet 80 is the perfect tool for professional truck drivers who want to save money on tolls and plan routes to minimize expenses. It can estimate toll costs and compare routes without tolls.

Powerful Processor

Rand McNally TND Tablet 80 is equipped with a Quad Core processor and Android-powered operating system that makes it incredibly fast and smooth-running with sleek graphics.

The tablet comes with 2-watt speaker that can cut through cabin noise, making it easy to follow your route even in noisy environments.

Truck POI

TND Tablet 80 can deliver detailed information on truck stops, weigh stations, and much more. You can find truck stops and services in your current location or in a specific city. You can also filter the search results by the amenities available at any truck stop or service location.

Pre-loaded Apps for Truck Drivers

Rand McNally’s TND Tablet 80 is perfect for professional truck drivers. It comes pre-loaded with apps that make routing and trip planning easy, including:

  • Truck GPS with Rand 2.0 Navigation and latest TND features
  • TripMaker for planning trips with multiple via points
  • Motor Carriers’ Road Atlas
  • Profit Gauges by Let’s Truck
  • Fuel manager by Let’s Truck
  • Load board from Truck It Smart

Live Traffic and Weather Updates with Wi-Fi Connectivity

  • Display the current forecast across your route with in-depth weather overlays that show precipitation, temperature, and wind speed.
  • Provides real-time traffic to help you avoid delays and find the best route to your location.
  • Find gas stations along your route with the current fuel prices.

Lifetime Map Updates

TND Tablet 80 includes the latest released US and Canada maps, as well as free lifetime map updates so you can always stay up to date on the latest routes and changes. Plus, the tablet can receive over-the-air map updates without connecting to a computer.

3D Display

TND Tablet navigation system offers drivers detailed 3-D renderings of nearby buildings and landmarks, making it easy to follow even the most complicated routes.

The GPS features advanced lane guidance to help manage complex interchanges and keep you on track. With its split-screen display, you can see upcoming junctions in 3-D for a clear picture of your route ahead.

Mileage and fuel logs

The Rand McNally TND Tablet 80 can log your mileage and fuel purchases. The fuel efficiency report shows miles per tank, the average cost per gallon, fill-ups performed, and total expenses.

Connectivity with Electronic Logging Device (ELD)

TND Tablet 80 comes pre-loaded with Rand McNally’s DriverConnect app, a fully-compliant electronic logbook solution to keep a log of your service hours, inspections reports, and more. The GPS connects with the ELD via Bluetooth so that you can automatically sync all driving data into the DriverConnect portal through Wi-Fi or cellular transmission.

Adjustable dash cam

The GPS comes with a built-in dash cam that is adjustable, so you can get the perfect view of the road. The G-sensor and loop recording feature captures critical moments, so you can always prove what happened on the road.

Voice Assistance

TND Tablet 80 features hands-free calling and texting, so you can stay safe and connected while you’re on the move. You can use voice assistance on this device to ask questions or get help, or you can use voice assistance to place calls. With the voice assistant, you can easily check the weather, text messages, and more – all without taking your hands off the wheel.

Smart Magnetic Mount

With its new and improved magnetic mount, it will stay firmly attached to your dash, even on the bumpiest roads. The magnetic mount makes mounting and unmounting the device more convenient than ever.

What’s in the Box

  1. Rand McNally TND™ Tablet
  2. Two-piece mount:
    1. Magnet with GPS boost
    1. Bracket with suction cup
  3. Quick Start Guide
  4. Anti-glare screen protector
  5. Vehicle charger
  6. Wall charger
  7. USB cable

Technical Specifications

GeneralScreen Size: 8″
Screen Resolution (pixels): 1280×800
Screen Type: IPS LCD
Touch Panel: Capacitive
Display Brightness: 250 lux
Battery Capacity (mAh): 4000
PerformanceProcessor: Quad Core
Memory: 1GB
Storage: 16GB
Operating ambient temp.: +14° to +140°F (-10° to +60°C)
Non-operating temp.: -4° to +185°F (-20° to +85°C)
Wireless ConnectivityBluetooth: 4.0
Wi-Fi: 802.11 a/b/g
Audio/VideoCamera (forward-facing): 5 megapixels
Camera (self-facing): 0.3 megapixels
Speakers: 2 watts (internal)
Mic: Single
AUX Out: Yes
HDMI Out: Mini
Power Connector (on device): Micro USB
MountPower Connector: Micro USB
Enhanced GPS
Speaker: No

MapsCoverage: USA & Canada
Updated Maps Included: Yes

User Manual

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Rand McNally TND Tablet 80 Truck GPS
Average rating:  
 3 reviews
 by Dylan

The GPS on this thing works like a charm, but I'm not so happy with the rest. The dash cam keeps freezing and stopping all of its functions for no reason at times- it's really frustrating when you need that footage. The tablet is slower than iPad but it’s worth it at this price point considering it has GPS functionality.

 by Isaac

This device is a great choice for those who want an OS that's not too complicated, but it lacks some of the more advanced features my previous GPS had. I've followed all troubleshooting guides and still couldn't get GPS to work properly--it would sometimes lose signal or become unresponsive altogether while running through mapping processes which really frustrated me since there isn’t much you can do when this happens! It also once crashed on me without warning (force shutting down didn't help) until eventually battery died...

 by Aiden

The device is great for getting me where I need to go, but the sound and video quality aren't up to the standard of an expensive item like this.