One of the most beneficial yet useful applications Garmin Connects help users in many ways. If you are into sports and like to monitor your stats every day, then Garmin connect is going to make your work very easy. The app is completely dedicated to the sports and fitness freaks that are too serious about their fitness and healthy living goals. It features digital Insights along with stats storing ability. Moreover, you will be getting health tips from best experts like virtual coaches. To know more about best methods of saving Garmin connect Photos & Stats, keep reading this given guide….

Before accessing its features, you must know about its functions.

  • Connect with other users for extra motivation
  • Compete in weekly challenges
  • Wireless upload activities
  • You will get digital insights by which you can tailor your stats and habits, like cues to move and healthy tips
  • Preparation for the race using Garmin Coach free training plans, which provide expert coaching.
  • Enhanced graphics with options to customize the stats you see

Overall, it is a genie for all the fitness freaks. One can easily monitor their sports activities without putting much effort.

Best Method to Use your Garmin Connect

Avail the best of connecting features by following the listed steps. Follow the steps and apply the same. For more, contact to the Garmin Customer Service.

  • Open your Garmin Connect app on your device.
  • Now, connect the type of activity tracker you use and connect it with the app
  • Then, open any activity in your Connect Mobile app
  • Tap on the camera icon to open up its stats
  • You have the option to add your stats on the event or activity which you have opened in it.
  • With Garmin Connect, you can add up to 10 photos in each activity
  • Select all the photos from your camera roll or specific destination folder
  • Tap ‘Done’ once you select the photos to be installed
  • Once you install the photos, people around you on Garmin Connect will be able to view the photos in an activity.

By following the aforementioned steps, you will be able to save Garmin connect photos and stats. With Garmin connect; you can data from your old tracker. To know more about its features and usage, you can contact the Garmin GPS Update team.

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