Side Imaging Not Working

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Is your Side Imaging (SideScan for Lowrance, SideVu for Garmin) sonar not working correctly or showing up at all? Well, you are in luck because this is a fairly common problem that many anglers will come across. There are tons of solutions for each problem that can arise, and in this article, we are going to discuss them.

Side Imaging Not Working on One Side

If your side imaging is not working on one side, one option is to check if the outboard engine is obstructing the sonar signals. If so, try trimming the engine to see if that improves the display. You can trim the motor up and the display would improve on the side that is not working. You will immediately start seeing the structures and bottom more clearly.

Side Imaging Sonar Not Reading Anything

Here are some of the tips and troubleshooting steps if your fish finder does not read anything on side imaging:

  • Try restoring the default settings of your fish finder.
  • Turn off simulator mode.
  • Check if you are not reading beyond the maximum side imaging range capabilities of your fish finder.
  • The fish finder should be set to the appropriate depth units, either feet or meters. Contact the manufacturer, ff the fish finder is reading in the wrong depth units.
  • Make sure you have selected the correct transducer in your fish finder settings. The transducer will not work if you have selected the wrong type in the settings.
  • If you’re using a transducer switch, disconnect the transducers from the transducer switch and connect them one at a time to the fish finder directly. If the transducer works properly, your transducer switch is faulty and should be replaced.
  • The connectors, cables, and pins should be checked for corrosion or damage. Next, the transducer connector, fish finder connectors, fuse, fuse holder, and battery terminal connections should be checked for corrosion. Finally, the pins of all connectors should be checked to make sure they are not bent or broken.
  • Check the voltage at the power cable pins in order to ensure that the correct voltage is being delivered to the fish finder. It’s possible that your boat’s charging system isn’t functioning properly, resulting in an over or under-voltage condition.
  • Check for Electrical Interference. Turn off all of the boat’s electrical equipment and motors, and see if the side imaging transducer starts working correctly. If it does, then the electrical interference from one of the boat’s electric equipment is causing the fish finder to not work properly.

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