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TomTom the best leading company since 1996 in business to business dealings and products. Moving grace by grace, this Dutch company dropped its first personal navigation device adding it into new electronics consumer category. TomTom device has a flying ally with crystal clear road view plus an overview of map.

TomTom Go, the very latest product launched along with entire TomTom Updates is trending this season.  It’s a multi-featured device that includes USB port, touchscreen, speaker, lithium battery, dial and receive call function too. If you have bought TomTom unit and searching for the update process, this article is for you. Read this article till the end and you will receive the complete procedure.


How to Apply TomTom GPS Update?

You need to follow the guidelines and apply the given instructions step by step-

Remember: TomTom Home ensures that you have updated TomTom application installed. 

  1. To check availability of new application version,
  • Connect your navigation device to your system,
  • Then, click Update my device.
  1. To check an updated application version, do the following:
  • Connect your TomTom unit to the computer and turn it on,
  • If in case, Home fails to automatically check updates,
  • Then go and tap on Update My Device option.
  1. If new application is available, it will be shown on the next screen
  2. Select the new application thereafter click Download Updates.
  3. Home successfully downloads selected application.
  4. Next, it starts installation process of selected items on your device.
  5. Click Done.
  6. Now, safely eject your device:
  • Go to Home Menu
  • Click on Device icon
  • Tap ‘Disconnect your device’
  1. You can also remove or disconnect device directly from the computer.

However, being digital ground there arises some or the other technical glitches. These are actually bugs that evolve due to high algorithms and settings. So, it’s quite natural for them to bumper in our devices. Most recent issue which we are going to discuss is related to TomTom GPS Update Error. This is all to make you in notice and updated. Let’s begin:

Y2 Bug- that screwed late in year 1999 has again evolved this year. This has a severe impact on people and organization that relies on GPS due to bad performance of the navigation device.

How does Y2 bug cause?

The Y2 bug is caused due to GPS calculates time by weeks. Well, the answer would sound weird. The week zero was identified in year 1980 and due to this counters will reset to zero, that is again it will jump to year 1999.


In this context, TomTom has faced some turbulence in their GPS devices, mostly in the ancient one. The company has asked every product owner to update their device as soon as possible.

TomTom Helpdesk

Thus, with every problem, there comes a solution. So, we have chain of TomTom technician experts who are highly qualified in their technical field. Whenever you come across an issue in your device you just need to get in touch with the professionals via TomTom Customer Support number. Freely share your doubt and query with them, and get reverted with relevant answers. You may also contact them for additional information for that matter. The service is available all round the clock,24*7 for the TomTom users.


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