+1-844-776-4699 Latest Features of Tomtom Rider 550 2019

Tomtom, the leading Dutch company that offers high range of software and navigation gadgets like sports watches, digital maps, and more such related services targeting all around the globe. The offering includes traffic knowledge, navigation, and other features. Tomtom map has left behind Google Map in Apple iOS 6 versions.

Latest model launched in 2019, Tomtom Rider 550 has beaten its competitor in the market. As soon as it got launched, it took a good place in market. The qualities can be on our fingertips say personalized trips, new locations, wifi, Smartphone connectivity, and group sharing and voice activation.

Qualities of Tomtom Rider 550 

Some add-on qualities that the Tomtom 550 Rider Software Update entertains:

  • Comes with full charged battery.
  • It has quick loading process
  • Short cable that connects directly to battery terminal
  • Easy download of latest updated world map
  • Manual is available
  • Handy and easy to operate
  • In-built wifi
  • Wrong turn indication available
  • POI accessible with extensions
  • Spectacular Screen visibility (both in sunlight and moonlight)
  • Can work with gloves
  • Bluetooth connectivity

Some Advanced Features Included in Tomtom Rider 550

  1. Wi-Fi

Since Wi-Fi is inbuilt, there is no need to connect with your system

Connected with home wifi, you will be notified for the updates if available

  1. Mapping Data

It’s an updated version that has most accurate speed zone, red light camera, and speed camera.

New feature include-strip map window shows distance to speed cameras, fuels, etc

Tomtom 550 Specification:

Here are below given specifications of Tomtom 550:

  • Price-$599
  • SD card- microSD card
  • RAM- 512mB
  • Memory- 16GB
  • Processor- Quadcore
  • Screen Resolution- 480*272
  • Features- Free calling,Siri,Smartphone,Bluetooth connection
  • Maps- Pre-installed Map (North America,Mexico,Australia,Canada)
  • Dimensions: 136.8*88.4*30.5
  • Weight- 280g
  • Battery- Rechargeable Lithium-Ion

How to update Tomtom Rider 550?

In order to get the most recent yet updated results, you need to update your Tomtom 550 simultaneously. Below given are the instructions for Tomtom Rider 550 Map Update process:

It requires

  • To begin with, download Tomtom home and install it on your computer.
  • Then, get your navigation device and connect it with your computer.
  • Launch Tomtom home application and log into your TomTom account.
  • Move your cursor and click on the Tools Menu.
  • Move your cursor to ‘Use the Latest Map Guarantee’ option.
  • Check if any update is available or not.

Within the 90 days of purchasing, the notification of the newer updates is sent to customer’s email ID. So, if you too have recently bought it, keep checking your registered email ID.

Advantages of Tomtom GPS Device

Read the general characteristics of TomTom GPS device:

  • Excellent Traffic sensing wherever you go
  • Promptly updated with latest constructions
  • Special IQ sensing
  • It can indicate real traffic details
  • Gives latest update with small routes
  • Equipped with windshield
  • Large screen display

Tomtom Helpdesk

If you want detailed information about Tomtom Rider 550 Motorcycle GPS then the best can be explained by Tomtom service team only. Their representatives are very adept in handling customer’s queries. Further, they are 24/7 available, making it easy for worldwide users to connect anywhere, anytime. You can join their forum community where a bunch of Tomtom users post their queries and get answered by Tomtom representatives. There are 3 modes available to connect with them, it is toll-free number, email ID and live chat support.

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